"Making God a Priority, A Guide to Peace For Busy Catholic Moms"

Let's face it! Moms have a lot to do. This guide will help! The demands of your day have you busy, rushing and accomplishing "all the things."  It leaves you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and at times, out of control.  There's so much to do and not enough time- always striving and never arriving.

If you are willing to prioritize God in your life, He promises to join you in the midst of your busyness, bring a divine order, and deliver the internal peace you truly desire!


A Note from Danielle...

“I believe you found this guide for a reason, yes, for a purpose. I have been where you are- trying to be the best mom, a good wife,  perfect employee, devoted daughter and so much more. My heart was in the right place but my schedule was stuffed and my tank was empty. It wasn't until I finally reprioritized my life to put God first, that EVERYTHING changed (and for the absolute better)!  It is now my mission and honor to share with you the exact steps I took to create a life full of peace, so you can experience it too."         -Danielle 


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