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3 Ways to Increase Faithfulness

I became more faithful by not going to church!.......Well, at least not entering a church building.

It's true.  I've grown in faithfulness and it was possible even when we have to stay-at-home during a pandemic. 

The best news? It’s actually been fun and fresh to break up a routine of my usual faith focused activities and learn other ways to connect with Christ to grow in FAITHFULNESS- which happens to be our next fruit of the spirit to explore.

Surprisingly, the time away from church (physically not going there) has given me a chance to find new ways to grow and receive grace. 

It's actually felt easy, not complicated, to pursue my faith and I want to share 3 ways of what worked for our family to grow in faithfulness in recent months:

1.  We've attended Mass, virtually, all over the world from Lourdes, France to my recent favorite in Wichita, KS. Snuggled together on the couch and always excited to see what this "new church" will be like, we've had a new spark to gather for Mass as a family. So fun! You can too at www.online-mass.org

2.  With kids spring school and summer activities cancelled, we've managed to eat together for lunch and dinner almost every day. Our faithfulness to saying grace at every meal, as a family, has strengthened. We take turns and add special intentions, where we weren't regular before, it has now become a heavenly habit. 

3. My time dedicated to prayer, reading the Word of God and reflecting in the more quiet stillness of our days ( less errands, less appts. no school pickup/dropoffs) has afforded me deeper connection to what was a hurried devotional time before the pandemic.

It can be difficult to follow Jesus every single day in every single way.

Keeping His commandments doesn't always come naturally for most of us and motherhood brings us challenges to stay focused on our faith, let alone being restricted from going into our church buildings. 

God calls us to be steadfast in trying, though, and selfless in the pursuit. 

There are new and creative ways to grow in FAITHFULNESS when we take a little time to explore possibilities and I pray the Holy Spirit will open your mind to more of those ways!


Danielle 💕    

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