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Do You Want To Be A More Gentle Mom?

What would happen if you stopped being so hard on yourself and decided to move into gentleness?

No, really. I mean it. This is a Fruit of the Spirit to seek in your motherhood.

Your parenting, your eating habits, your prayer life, your Mass attendance, the condition of your house, all of it...

Beating yourself up mentally for not doing it right or well enough seems like the noble thing to do but I find for myself and my clients that we just use it as a way to feel bad.

Gentleness. That's where you will create an amazing life.

Gentleness allows you to be gracious with yourself when you fall short. (Newsflash: you're always going to have times when you fall short)

It doesn't feel so impossible or overwhelming to the brain when you quickly move on from mentally mistreating yourself into gentleness after faltering in your motherhood. 

It allows you to have grace with yourself.

Most importantly, it's the opposite of the see-saw ride of "I'm a great mom" or "I'm a terrible mom" mentality.

I've built a much more peaceful life from actively practicing gentleness with myself. 

Gentleness is a big part of the path to peace, mommas! 

Don't believe me?

Draw a line. For a few days, refuse to be hard on yourself when you mess up and let's just see what happens.




P.S. If you find it hard to work it out on your own, I have two great options to get some extra help. 

1. Join my facebook group- Crazy Awesome Catholic Moms for community support or

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