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Develop Your Patience Muscle


 The first time I became pregnant,  it took my husband and I over a year of trying, 

I recall feeling impatient the whole time.

When it finally happened, the doctor then said "It's twins!"  πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά

After I boo hooed with joy, I recall thinking, "Well, that was totally worth the wait!"

God's timing was yet again perfect.    

But there was so much wasted energy on my part worrying, fretting and fuming that it wasn't happening soon enough.  😫

If only I could have saved myself all the upset and been patient and peaceful along the way instead. Relate?

That's the funny thing about patience, we don't get to know the end result of what it is we are wanting to have or where we are wanting to go until after we are patient (or impatient) to get it. 

Having patience along the way may not be the easiest way to be when we face the challenges of our human lives today, but it's a worthy endeavor, nonetheless, to seek this virtue.

I know being a mom has tested my patience more than anything else I have known before.

Those same babies I was so impatient to have now are my greatest teachers of patience everyday!  πŸ˜†

My faith-filled friends,  I want to remind you of the everpresent way to have more patience about everything, especially within your busy mom life.

Call on the Holy Spirit, knowing the grace of this Fruit of the Spirit is there for the asking.

You have access to the virtue of Patience simply for praying for patience without ceasing. 

So definitely seek to develop a normal, natural, God-ordered pace of life that includes waiting on God's tempo for outcomes in life, but ask for help when it seems impossible to achieve.

A prayer for you to use:

Lord, help me to endure everything with an eternal patience that is only possible with your help. 

May the Holy Spirit bestow the fruit of Patience to you today and always,


Danielle πŸ’•    

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