Help or Hide

Everyday as I travel on this entrepreneurial journey, I am met with waves of self doubt. 

As I do things I have never done before, I wonder if I am capable or good enough, because it feels scary and hard.  

⁠In addition to doubting myself, there are all kinds of other feelings  I encounter, like fear, vulnerability, frustration, overwhelm, impatience, rejection, and confusion ( to just name a few) Is this what I signed up for when I set out to do the work of building a coaching practice?

We get these big ideas and begin to go after our dreams.  but inevitably I run into an obstacle and challenges and the little voice of doubt calls out to me.  It tells me I don't need to change and grow. 

It says things are just fine as they are, save your energy, avoid feeling uncomfortable and just stay safe with what you know.  

When it gets hard and it feels terrible, we have many modern day advances that allow us to escape from feeling our uncomfortableness.  Social media scrolling, Netflix watching, and chocolate chip cooking eating are a few ideas that come to mind from my own experience. 

We naturally look to the easy way out and we want to just go and hide.

Hiding is a comfortable path.⁠  It's easier. It doesn't take much energy. It keeps me safe.  It feels better....or does it?

If I hide I get to

  • avoid making mistakes
  • avoid putting myself in embarrassing situations 
  • avoid experiencing vulnerability and all the other negative emotions

Sounds safe and easy.⁠

On the other hand, what might be on the other side of it all. WHat would I be missing out on if I pushed through the obstacles, met the challenges and felt all the uncomfortable feelings? I could.....

  •  make an impact in the world
  •  help people
  •  build a business that changes lives
  •  grow into a better version of myself
  • live out my God given purpose. ⁠

I think it feels better to hide, but I also know if feels awful to miss out on the greater possibility of achieving my dreams. 

I have decided to take the self doubt along for the ride. Hiding isn't an option anymore. So, I guess it'll just have to come along for the journey.

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”
― Shannon L. Alder


Danielle Thienel is a certified life coach who helps Catholic moms organize their life from the inside out. Visit to schedule a FREE life coaching session, and take a look at how you can overcome self doubt and step into your best self.




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