How To Get Unstuck

Last week, I had a really big decision to make.

I told myself I didn’t know what to do and I felt confused.  It felt awful.

To try and hurry out of this awful way of feeling, I polled my husband and friends and looked on the internet for answers on what to do.

Both my daughter and a client shared with me as I was looking for my answer that they too, were struggling with their own big decision. 

They felt stuck and wanted to feel relief as well. 

Trying to get unstuck had us going to each other for ideas or had us doing nothing at all. 

Both actions weren't getting us any closer to knowing.  

In fact, it was just adding to our confusion.

The relief any of us want, when deciding if we are making the right choice or not, comes in action step of actually making the decision itself.

Just pick something. Choose one of your possibilities.

You then get to pour energy into moving forward on your decision, energy that before the decision was made, was being used to spin round and round about what to do.

What if there is no wrong choice?

What if the best choice is whichever one you pick? You get to decide if it was the right one or not. You hold that power, no one else outside of you does.

I picked. I decided. I believed it was the right choice. The relief it brought showed up in a new sense of focus and power that has lead to creating exactly what I was looking for.

If you are at a place right now where you don't know what to choose. Just decide and make some forward movement. 

You'll get closer to the answer you were seeking in the first place.

You'll be relieved you did. 




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