How to Hold On When God Says Not Yet

Twenty years ago, my husband and I were looking to buy our first home.

After searching for and visiting what seemed like over 100 homes, we thought we found THE perfect house for us. 

I was so excited!

It had everything we thought would be perfect for beginning our new married life and I prayed hard for the deal to go through. 

Instead, we were outbid by another couple and didn't get the house we wanted so much. 

God said "Not now. Not this one."

This whole process happened again with what we believed to be another "perfect" home.

I was so disappointed. God had said "No, not this one." AGAIN. 

Was God sleeping on the job? Didn't he care that I really wanted this house? How could this one not be His plan for me?  Afterall, they would have been perfect. 

But it wasn't long before another opportunity presented itself.

It was a better home, in a better neighborhood, with a better price.

We got that house and 20 years later, our first home, is still the perfect home for us and our family. It has turned out to be perfect in everyway.

I think I know best. but God knows more.

If we had gotten either of the first two houses, I'd have stopped looking and would have missed out on His perfect will and provision.

Give each and every project, decision, idea and desire over to God. He always knows the perfect outcome. 

When the "No" comes, remember it to just be a "Not yet."




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