How To Organize Your Morning

I like mornings.  Do you?

I run them instead of letting them run me. 

I get all of my "have-to's" done quickly like brushing my teeth and I make decisions quickly when getting dressed. I  also spend my mornings doing my "want to's", working out and prioritizing my dedicated prayer time. 

Early bird gets the worm, right?

Not everyone feels the same way and that's OK. 

Everyone has their own routine and reasons why they get up at a certain time and start living out the day in a certain way.

I would like to offer you a perspective of organizing every single type of morning routine, no matter what it entails.  

I've learned that organizing your morning, or anyone's morning for that matter, is best done when you get your thinking and feelings in order. 

What you do and how you show up doing it will then dictate if your mornings go well or not- according to your own standards. 

So, let's organize your morning thinking.  

Focus in on your current thoughts about mornings. Or, tomorrow try and hone in on what your mind tells you when morning arrives. 

Do you default on the following thoughts:

  • I hate mornings  
  • I don't want to get up
  • I'm so tired
  • I'm not a morning person
  • I don't want to go to work
  • It's so comfortable in bed
  • Here we go again, sigh.
  • I should have gone to sleep earlier.
  • I had a horrible nights sleep. 
  • Just a few more minutes and then I'll get going.

When you choose to believe those morning thoughts as truth, it definitely doesn't motivate you to start your day.  It may even steal your chance to get started and derail even the best of plans. Can you see how if we don't control it, our brains will always be talking us into taking the safe, comfortable, no pain path?

No matter how, when  or why you wake up in the morning you could pick from any of the following thoughts:

  • Mornings are the best time
  • This is my chance to start the day on a positive note
  • I had the perfect amount of sleep 
  • No matter what, I can choose a good attitude about the morning
  • Let's get this morning party started
  • Ok, day let's get moving
  • Good morning world.
  • This is the day the Lord has made
  • I've got this morning routine
  • I can this the best day ever
  • Mornings matter
  • I'm learning to like mornings

Remember, these thoughts won't be automatic until you've chosen them and repeated them enough to believe them.

It's kind of like my automatic coffee machines ( which I absolutely love!)  I consciously choose  how many cups of coffee I want, prepare the water filter and coffee and then PROGRAM the time for it to come on and brew. 

The first list of thoughts create feelings like-

dread, disappointment, shame, frustration, doubt 

While the second set of possibilities would yield feelings more like

excitement, motivation, hopeful, grateful, curiosity, determination

Since our FEELINGS drive our ACTIONS, we can bet that what you do with your mornings and the RESULTS you create from those actions will absolutely be dictated by what you were thinking and how you felt. 


Organize your mornings by getting your thoughts in order, and watch how your mornings transform!


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