Moms Are Humans Too

This past week I was taking my son and his friend to their school basketball game which was 30 minutes away from our home. 

I volunteered to drive my son's teammate along with us because I knew his mom had endured a stressful and overwhelming couple of days.

Her husband was out of town for the week and a disastrous dishwasher leak forced her and the kids to live in a hotel until it was fixed. 

She eagerly took me up on my offer to help and I was so glad to give her some respite from at least one activity on her list. 

When the boys and I arrived at the game, my son's friend realized that his mom, who gathered his basketball uniform for him while he was at school, had packed the wrong color uniform. 

There wasn't another uniform option and to his utter disappointment, he now couldn't play in the game.

The anger and frustration, directed at his mom, welled up inside him and compassion for his disappointment welled up inside me, especially for his mom. 

I've been there.

I've been there many of times, when I am trying my best to do ALL the Things for ALL my family and having everything in order and then I drop a ball and make a simple mistake.

We try our best.  We have every good intention.  We want to please our loved ones and have it all together. We still beat ourselves up for it.

But truth is - Moms are human too. 

I took my "surrogate mom" opportunity with my son's friend to comfort his disappointment and diffuse his anger toward his mom.  I shared examples of my own mom mistakes moment.  

It was a great reminder to myself too as I uttered the words, "We aren't perfect, though we try to be." 

Our basketball team ended up losing, by a lot of points. However, the lesson and reminder we encountered that day between a mother and a son, that we are all human beings who make mistakes (even moms), was a huge life win in my eyes. 


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