Stop Being Mean To Yourself

When I think about kindness, I automatically go to the opposite notion- MEAN


Probably because I live in Nashville, listen to Taylor Swift a lot and love her catchy song "Mean" where she really socks it to her ex through lyrics.🎤  Ha! 

But Catholic mamas, kindness is kind of a big deal.  Sometimes we can forget that.  

And I don't mean showing kindness, as presented by google -the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate-to others.

That already comes naturally in your vocation as a mom and as you mother your children everyday from near or afar. 

I want to remind you today about showing the Fruit of the Spirit of kindness to YOURSELF!

Jesus showed great kindness to sinners.

He shows great kindness to you and me every single day.

So, today decide to draw the line on shaming yourself or being mean to yourself but instead strive for greater kindness in your heart for yourself.

  • Be kind to yourself after you yell at the kids.
  • Be kind to yourself after you eat the whole box of cookies
  • Be kind to yourself when you miss Mass
  • Be kind to yourself when you secretly buy a way-too expensive purse online when you shouldn't have (may have done this recently myself 🤷🏻‍♀️ )

The point I want to drive home to you, my beautiful CRAZY with human struggles, AWESOME simply because you exist, CATHOLIC MOM friend is this:

Kindness is a pretty big deal. Especially showing it to ourselves.

And we can go to the Holy Spirit to pray for the grace of it when we need more.

It's not solely to give away to others like you naturally tend to do as a mom.

Give yourself the grace of kindness through all of this earthly life. 

And may the Holy Spirit bestow the fruit of Kindness in your heart to you today and always,


Danielle 💕    

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