The Secret of My 92-Year Old Ski Instructor

Last week during ski lessons while on a family ski vacation in Colorado, I found out my ski instructor was 92 years old!

This was so fascinating to me, because before I found out his age, I witnessed the agility, strength, vitality and articulation of a man half his age.

 I had to know his secret and so I asked.

His answer didn’t include having good genes or even exercising or eating healthy, though I am sure he would say, they were in the mix.

But he answered simply with “My Mindset."  He went on to say that he learned early on in his life that Attitude is Everything and he chooses to have a good one.

I saw this good attitude and positive mindset in action as my instructor, Al, reminded me and the other students, on the slopes, with his instruction:

  • Keep pushing yourself when faced with challenges because its so worth it when you grow and stretch yourself.
  • Learning new ways of doing things is fun and rewarding.
  • Fall often because you'll learn from your mistakes and its an indicator of how we get better.
  • Enjoy the view.
  • Be kind to yourself as you learn new and challenging things.

As our lesson progressed, I couldn’t help but go in my mind to my own future 92 year old self. 

I wondered what I would be thinking and doing? What would I need to be believing about myself and doing today to create a life full of strength, vitality, and agility at 92? When met with life's mountains and valleys, what attitude and perspective would I need to take on?

Al was showing me an example of what was possible at 92, but having the thoughts and attitude now, is the way to get there. 

 Because what we think about and do today, creates our tomorrow’s.


Danielle 💕    

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