Turning A Pause Into Purpose

Mothers, by nature are great multitaskers.

I used to think this was a strength to add to a resume- I have great multitasking skills!

I'd find pride in keeping a lot of things going at once, and most of the time I'd feel like I was doing it well.

Sometimes though, I'd overestimate my abilities and underestimate my limits.

I'd pack my life with too much. 

I could easily get my life and my schedule so packed to the brim that I'd find myself trying to rush all the time.

Then I'd get annoyed and frustrated with myself and other people around me because I had taken on too much.

Though on a smaller level than our current world pandemic and stay at home situation,

a few years back, I was given a chance to take a pause in my life.

I was forced to have a slowed down pace and it brought a wildly different perspective on my life.

I took stock. I evaluated priorities, daily routines, and current commitments.

What happened for me is what I want to offer all of you: 

The call to remember that the Lord wants us to use our time wisely and for His purposes. 

We can't do that when we are overcommitted and rushing through life.

It takes intentional planning and focus to protect your time and make yourself available to live out your purpose with ease, without having every minute filled up.

So, as you take steps to thinking about what the future holds for yourself and your family, I ask:

What have you learned from this current slower paced way of life that you can now let go of because its no longer serving your life?

Most importantly, what can you recommit to because it does?


Danielle 💕    


P.S. Learning to manage your priorities within the time we have in our busy day is not only possible, it's easier to do than you think. A great place to start is with my FREE guide. Access it here.


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