Love Is A Choice

I am so glad to be talking about the Fruits of the Spirit this week and the coming weeks. It seems fitting, especially as our nation faces such difficult times.

This is where I know to go when I feel like I don't have the answers- The Holy Spirit.

So we perfectly start with what our world needs more of right now, the first fruit of the spirit-


it can end up being the easiest feeling and at the same time, the most complicated in any given moment. 

Such is the roller coaster of our human existence and motherhood too, if that is your current vocation!

Here is what I want to share with you simply today. 

To love someone, including yourself, is a choice that you make and redecide to make, everyday!

You get to choose love in any and all situations, no matter what has taken place, or was said, or what you wished had been done or said. 

In fact, it is always the best choice.  Choose Love.

Jesus taught us to LOVE the Lord God and our neighbor with all our hearts, our souls, and our minds. 

Love isn't a feeling that jumps from one person to another,

It is a feeling that is generated when you yourself decide to think loving thoughts in your heart, soul and mind. 

For this fruit of the spirit to take hold in your motherhood, begin first by loving yourself through all of the joys and sorrows, ups and downs, mistakes made and successes achieved.

Be loving in response to what you make it mean when you yourself aren't living up to your own impossible standards. 

And then also choose love when all seems right with your world. 

May the Holy Spirit bestow the fruit of Love to you today and always, 


Danielle 💕    

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