Why Failing Works

A pile of failures may not sound like something fun to jump in to, like a pile of leaves or maybe a pile of money would!

But what if i told you that accumulating a pile of failures was what  will lead you directly to a pile of money and a pile of fun?!

It's true. Money or fun or accomplishments or freedom, whatever you are trying to reach for, will be attainable through failing and failing again and again.

In the scientific method you take a guess on what will work, you fail, you try a different way, you fail and you keep going until you get to what you were looking for. 

The same method is also the way to getting what you want in life.

Taking on something new and doing things you've never done before feels scary and hard, especially because we want to know all the steps to get there.

We want to know exactly what to do, but we are filled with self doubt and fear of the unknown.  This is actually a very good sign!

It tells us that it is something of importance to us, something we should push through to do. 

If you have a new endeavor you'd like to start, a big dream to achieve or a mountain in front of you to tackle, the time to get started is now. 

You can do hard things. You can get derailed, and keep going. You can learn something you've never done before. You can fail massively and not give up. You can be uncomfortable and do it anyway. 

Its actually the only way to get to exactly where you want to be. 

It's all on the other side of a pile of failure. 




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