Prayers To Start The Day Off Right

 Every morning before my feet hit the carpeted floor of my bedroom, 

I have two prayers i say between myself and God, in the quiet of my heart.

I purposely choose to make a habit of saying them first thing in the morning before I get started on a busy day.

This "start of everyday" habit came from my exhaustion of trying to do things on my own and the deep desire to have God be the true leader of my life. 

Making it a habit to say them first thing, required building the habit with commitment.

Once you start it truly becomes a simple and tangible way to let God know you want his direction and control over your life. 

For I believe he can do a way better job than I can.

The prayers are simple, practical and best of all powerful,and I offer them here for you,

Because perhaps a desire to trust God more with the everyday aspects of your life is there in your heart just like it was in mine.

I refer to them as- The Please and Thank You Prayers:

Lord, please guide my thoughts, words, and actions today to align with your will and please make my crooked path straight.

Lord, thank you for opening the way to my right health, right wealth, perfect love and perfect self expression. I give thanks for them to manifest this day, under your grace and according to your will. 



Danielle 💕    

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