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How to Have More Self Control to Benefit Your Motherhood

Has your motherhood tested your self-control more than you ever thought possible?
Mine has.
You may often pile on the guilt when you think you should be able to have more self-control when you don't.
And this feels awful, right?
"I should have stopped eating the ice cream after one bowl."
"Why can't I stop myself from yelling at the kids?"
"I can't stop spending money, or scrolling on Facebook when I should be doing X, Y, and Z,"
and on and on and on.... 
This way of thinking, ironically, provides the opposite of how you want to feel.
It keeps you feeling even more out of control.
We all want more self-control in our daily lives in one way or another.
Instead of looking to an outside fix, like not buying more ice cream or cancelling credit cards,  
The answer lies within.
To have self-control in your motherhood, and life, the secret lies inside yourself.
This is what I help my clients with everyday.
To look to what you know of Christ's teachings and example,
And to look to your own mind and ways of thinking that move you away from feeling out of control and into self-control.
This internal power along with God's power IS the way.



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