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Oh My Goodness, This is the Way!

We have taken a look, these past several weeks, at each of the Fruits of the Spirit and how they relate in our motherhood.

We wrap up the series today talking about - GOODNESS.

If you missed the previous posts on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control, you can find them on my blog page by clicking here.

Goodness, my faith-filled friends, is what you innately are at all times.

You are full of goodness simply because you exist and because you were created in the image of God, who is pure goodness.

But, especially in the struggles and trials of our daily lives, 

it sure doesn't always feel like we are full of goodness, right?

Especially when we snap at the kids or

Feel ill-will against our mother-in-law.

But cultivating goodness in our lives is less about taking great great strides in holiness and virtuosity that seem available only to the Saints,

And instead it’s more about the small acts of goodness you do throughout your day.

It is here, within your own mom-life where your goodness will grow.

  • Praying for your family and friends.
  • Really listening to your children instead of doing something else at the same time.
  • Sending a note to a friend who you know is suffering in some way to offer support. 

Those outward signs of goodness mean the most to your family and those around you. 

So, strive to reflect Christ’s character, not by doing elaborate things to gain recognition,

But plant small mustard seeds of goodness with small gestures in your daily life and

While it may seem no one notices ALL that you do as a mother to take care of the family, household, job, and hearts and souls of your children, 

God surely does.

AND that my faith-filled friends, is so full of GOODNESS. 




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