Where to Go to Find Joy

If you are anything like me right now, it's been a challenge to muster up some true joy when navigating the world's current events.

But just like how the Saints had uncompromisable joy in times of trial, difficulty and pain, I'd like to invite you to deliberately seek out a Fruit of the Spirit- JOY! 

My grandmother was once interviewed for the local newspaper in her hometown. I don't recall why, but I do remember a statement she was quoted as saying- "You make your own happiness."

What I have come to know, and coach others on, is exactly what my grandma was saying too- Joy comes from within and that's where we need to go to find it. 

Because we know "within" is also where we find the Holy Spirit abiding, it's the perfect place to look when we aren't feeling joy. 

As an exercise, I invite you to first welcome the Holy Spirit's guidance into your mind and then ask yourself:

  • What could I think about and ponder, right now, that brings me the feeling of joy?
  • What could I say today to bring joy to someone else?
  • What could I go and do in this moment that would be joyful to me?

If you take a few moments to open yourself up to the answers, you'll experience the power you have, like the Saints, to create joy for yourself while perhaps in the midst of not so joyful times. 

The struggles of motherhood are real- we struggle with work/life balance, we struggle with comparing ourselves with others, we struggle with guilt. Don't let them be in the forefront when by going within, you know "you make your own happiness."

 May the Holy Spirit bestow the fruit of Joy to you today and always, 


Danielle 💕    

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