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You were meant to be


feeling like you should be figuring it all out on your own and 



getting the peace and balance you want in your life right now.

You were meant to be a HAPPY & HEALTHY MOM

feeling like you should be figuring it all out on your own


getting the peace and balance you want in your life right now.

You’ve already prayed for help and believe He has heard you, but still you...  

  • Want to feel better, less tired, less frustrated, and less defeated.
  • Want to stop being so busy with a lot to juggle and a never-ending to-do list.
  • Want more time for everything.
  • Want a self-care routine
  • Feel like you are failing and don't know how to fix it.
  • Worry a lot, especially about being a good enough mom.
  • More often than not feel stuck and unmotivated.
  • Have already tried a million things and just want to feel more in control, less fearful, and just plain enjoy life right now.

There's something so heavenly you need to know...

There's nothing broken about you. There's nothing that needs to be fixed.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you.

  • You are a human being, with a human brain, living a human life.
  • Our brains were marvelously designed by God in a specific, purposeful way, but the current way you are using it is causing your unhappiness. 
  • You can make the changes you want when you focus on changing your brain first which is way easier than you think.
  • Even though God is the ultimate creator, the brain was his gift for us to use to co-create our earthly experience.
  • There aren't a million things to change to solve your problems, there is only one, and it's found in your brain- your thinking.
  • I know how to use it to get to the solution you are looking for and I can help you get it.

Then you could...


>> Thrive as a wife and mother both at home and the outside workplace.

>> Be empowered to create any result you want.

>> Make plans, overcome obstacles and have strategies for achieving your goals.

>> Organize your life and see a divine order emerge.

>> Deepen relationships you have with yourself, your spouse, your kids, family, friends, boss and God.

>> Have a deep sense of self, never doubt your worthiness, and know that you are never alone.

>> Know your past is over and how to move forward to create a new future.

>> Learn to see failure as the way to overcome fears, grow to your highest self and to get out of your own way so you can stop playing small and get to living out your dreams.

>> Live out your life's purpose and feel fulfilled.

>> Step out of guilt, overwhelm, confusion and worry and know how to get back to peace

>> Set boundaries and keep them, manage your time with ease and focus and follow through on your priorities.

>> Find freedom in your schedule and plan your future now, not later.

>> Make your self-care, emotional health and well-being a priority and sustain it.

>> Know how to tap into your internal power which transforms your external life as you head towards the eternal one.



You've been trying to become more clear on what the answers are for you, but the focus has been on the symptoms rather than the cause. You will see the world through a whole new lens when you understand more fully the true cause of your problems. Clarity emerges and the next steps of your path are illuminated.


We weren't created to go at it alone and we have a human desire to be in communion and have fellowship with others. Progress is more quickly made when you are in a group setting where you learn from and support others who have similar, challenges, focus, and goals.


Consistent help (think about it like going to the mental gym every week) with making simple shifts in how you think will allow you to find the joy, peace and balance that you want. Most importantly,  coaching gives you the skills needed to solve any problem and reach any goal and these skills will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

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Raquel B.

I hope my words can do Danielle justice! With Danielle on my side I have been given back control over my brain. I can create the life I’ve always dreamed of living because she taught me how to let go of limiting beliefs that we all have the habit of letting circle around in our minds. I can’t thank her enough for showing me how it is possible to bring joy into my life no matter the circumstance. I believe God has truly called her to do great things in the lives of her clients and I’m so honored to be one of them!

Here’s what you’ll have inside of Busy to Balanced

6 months of life coaching

With 6 months, you'll have an abundance of time to:


  • Cover all the areas of your life- Relationships, Emotional Well-being, Time, Money, Career/Business, Physical Health, Spiritual Practice, Goals, etc.
  • Learn the tools, concepts and skillsets of life coaching and really apply them to all the areas.
  • Master the foundational changes to then use for a lifetime no matter what new circumstances life brings you.

1-hour group coaching calls

60-75 min. coaching calls:


  • For you to concentrate on you, for self-development for you, to make sure self-care is checked off consistently for you.
  • To have the attention on you,  someone there who is really present and listening to you and a coach who makes it her goal to have you reach yours.
  • Easy access to connect from anywhere you might be, using Zoom software on your phone or PC.

1+ Hour group coaching calls

Unlimited access to a membership site

Access at your convenience:


  • All the replays of the group sessions in case you missed them to rewatch at your convenience.
  • All foundational tool videos, video trainings, and workshop calls available to the group library.
  • All worksheets, workbooks, and downloadable products added to the library.

Access to a private Community group

Group's Private Community will: 


  • Allow you to get coaching between scheduled group calls.
  • Provide the community with you and other members.
  • Be a place of support with like-minded and committed women sharing the same focus.

 A private Community group


I'm Danielle.


I'm a wife, mom of three, member of the Catholic faith, certified life coach, host of The Peaceful Mind Podcast... and life coaching completely changed my life.

Several years ago, my life felt out of control, and I felt guilty about it, because I believed I should be content with all the blessings around me. The truth was I felt stuck, doubtful, anxious, in a state of lack with my time, money and peace and I felt out of balance with my life's purpose. That all changed when I learned what I now teach to others.

I truly can say I live a joyous, peaceful, and balanced life and when you join me, your goals become my goals too. I'm dedicated to maximizing my potential in this life, making an impact within my family and on the world. I will help you in your life, do the same.

Busy to Balanced is Perfect For You if You Want to Learn...

  • How to use and understand your brain in a new way tapping into your God-given power to create anything you want.
  • How to ease anxiety, stress, worry, and guilt and revitalize your emotional health.
  • How to feel better about everything regardless of your circumstances, process negative emotion instead of avoiding it, and create more energy for yourself.
  • Be less frustrated and enhance every relationship. 
  • Motivate yourself to get more done in less time.
  • Know how to get to the root of any challenge to gain control over the results you create in your life.
  • How to get unstuck with confident decisions making skills that propel your life forward.
  • How to no longer question your worth.
  • Release judgment of yourself and others.
  • How to take responsibility for your mental and emotional life.
  • How to love unconditionally with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • How to change your limiting beliefs and believe new things that truly serve your life.
  • How to overcome overwhelm and organize your life in a simple and sustaining way.
  • How to strengthen your confidence and not let fear and doubt keep you from taking action. 
  • How to let go of people-pleasing and perfectionism and have peace instead.
  • How to improve every relationship in your life.
  • How to live the abundant, peaceful, and fulfilling life that God meant for you to experience.

There is no better time than now to

change your life!


  • Not to change things up because change is hard and we like how easy it is to keep going as we have been.
  • All kinds of fear and reasons to wait for a "better" time.
  • You don't have enough money, time, or energy at this stage of mom life.
  • You should be able to figure this out on your own and if you do more you'll eventually figure it out.

The truth is, you'll only delay having the life you want.
Now's the perfect time to make the most of it.

Don’t let another year go by before you enjoy life and have the balance you desire.

What's included in the Program


  • 6 months of life coaching
  • Three 60-75 min. group coaching calls and One 1-hour workshop call every month on Zoom
  • Unlimited access to a membership site with call recordings, video trainings and downloadable resources.
  • Hardcopy of the Program Workbook sent directly to you.
  • Access to a private Community group to get coaching between calls and connect with your group community.


The investment for 6 months will give you skills to utilize for your lifetime.

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"Prior to coaching with Danielle, I had been feeling stuck, and I was unsure how to unstuck myself. I’m now more aware of what I want specifically, instead of having a vague idea and getting nowhere. I like being held accountable, and checking in and reflecting weekly was so helpful. I think what surprised me the most about coaching was that there are so many facets of life that can be helped by coaching. And I love that she’s a Catholic mom too! That is initially what drew me to working with her."


"I was feeling disappointed, sad,  and discouraged. I was questioning everything. Coaching showed me the ways my own thinking was causing me to feel so bad. And how possible it truly was to achieve the goals I currently have — and that I could even achieve the bigger goals I have for the future. Danielle and coaching provide the relief I was seeking by having someone supporting me emotionally and mentally. Every week she shows up for me with love, understanding, and a new perspective I hadn’t considered. I love having a coach who understands devotion to God, too."


"Danielle's coaching style is warm and welcoming, filled with compassion for your challenges. Combine that with her confidence as a coach, and more importantly, her confidence in you as her client, and you have a super coach with super powers, that at times feel spiritual for sure. If you want to live a peaceful, joyful life, Danielle is the coach for you. Our sessions revealed the truth of what was stopping me from moving forward, but I no longer allow fear to hold me back. Thank you, Danielle!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Maggie E.

Reaching out to Danielle changed the trajectory of my future. Before working with her, I felt stuck in a rut and like I could never actually pursue the deepest desires of my heart. Well, she turned that lie on its head and revealed to me time and time again the truths I needed to embrace to stop getting in my own way. She was on point every time. Since working with her, my marriage is stronger, my approach to motherhood is more peaceful, and my dreams are no longer being placed on hold. I am full of confidence, gratitude, and a heart that is finally trusting bigger in God's plan for my life. I am forever grateful for Danielle and the work she is doing to help women become fully alive. 

If You're Ready For More Peace and Want to Start Making the Possible Happen,

  I've Got You.


Come join me inside of Busy To Balanced. New Group Enrolling Soon!

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