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83. When To Talk And Not Listen

Episode Summary

We've been taught to listen more than we talk. In this episode we'll discuss how the opposite is a better choice for you when it comes our self-talk. Most of the conversations we have within ourselves comes from a part of our brain that is designed to talk us out of our dreams, to keep us safe and in status quo. What's really happening when we listen to it is we only keep our lives stagnant and small. Instead, we have to learn how to talk to ourselves in a way that ultimately propels us forward, that is uplifting and inspiring. We have to talk to ourselves more from this place of the brain and listen less often.

Episode Notes

  • If you know your negative self talk has gotten out of hand, it's time to learn how to turn this around. When you do, everything changes in your life for the better. Start on the path on being the boss of your brain and creating confidence instead of letting your brain push you around. Schedule a free 30 minute call with me here:  and we'll start reversing this pattern. 
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