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100. Connecting Your Faith

Episode Summary 

On the 100th episode of The Peaceful Mind Podcast we begin by celebrating this fun milestone in goal creation and hear my gratitude to you the listener for being such an important part of the mission to help moms have a more peaceful mind. This is also the final episode in the 5-part series on how to achieve balance and we look at the last pillar- Connecting Your Faith to your everyday life. You'll learn how your life is enhanced when you 

  • focus your thoughts with using your faith beliefs to connect your thinking with your faith
  • step into God's rhythm, one of calm, being slow-paced and unhurried.
  • take action from courage knowing faith tells us to Be Not Afraid.
  • remind yourself you are never alone for god is always with us. 
  • through the challenges and struggles recall that this part of life is temporary and the ultimate goal is eternity. 

Episode Notes

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