What Is Life Coaching?

 We all need a little help sometimes.  Instead of having to go it alone, a personal coach is there to teach, guide, and support you all the way to your dreams.  

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Learn to Manage Your Mind

Managing your mind is the key to creating the exact results you desire. Learn the tools and concepts to take control of your beautiful mind.

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Feel Better

Overcome the overwhelm and gain control by learning to feel your emotions instead of avoiding and resisting them. Learn how to create your desired feelings on purpose.

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Take Massive Action Towards Your Goals

It's time to make a plan and take the steps required to achieve your dreams.  You've got it in you and I have the tools to help you.

A Life Coach....

  • is someone who can help you get perspective on your life and on your mind.
  • is a compassionate and curious observer of your mind
  • helps you get to the root of an issue and helps you move forward
  • teaches you how to be more aware of what you think, feel, do and create.
  • teaches you how to become conscious and aware of the control you have over your own life.
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Why Hire A Coach?

Unlike going to talk with your family and friends about a problem, where they offer you advice and give their opinions, a life coach  provides you a place to "download" your thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgemental, loving space to draw on your own inner wisdom.

A life coach partners with you to remind you of your greatness and worthiness, when you forget.

A life coach partners with you to find solutions to the problems causing you stress.

A life coach gives you the tools to get unstuck, and challenges you to take action in spite of your fears. 

Life coaches are objective listeners who provide a fresh perspective. 

How Is Coaching Different From Therapy?

People understandably wonder how coaching is different from therapy. Therapy is the closest model we have to the profession called coaching, but the two are very different.

Coaching is NOT about processing your emotional history or diagnosing and treating mental health issues.

Coaching IS action oriented, with a focus on a client's current life and plans for the future.

In therapy, clients may talk about the changes they'd like to make in their lives, but the "how to" and the resources are often missing.  Life Coaches help clients design a new life. They guide clients to anticipate the obstacles that arise on the way to this new life, A coach helps navigate the client around the obstacles and shows them how to turn obstacles into strategies to drive amazing results.

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Explore and See For Yourself

The opportunity is yours for the taking. Explore the possibilities for your life with a FREE coaching session.  You are worth it!

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