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I Help Moms Feel Better About Everything


The Peaceful Mind Podcast

Want a great place to start feeling better today? This is it.

Hi there. I'm Danielle,  THE LIFE COACH FOR  MOMS

I'm a faith-filled women, wife and mother of three who has come a long way from striving for perfection to arriving to a peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Only a few years ago, I had been overwhelmed, struggling to balance it all, not making time for my priorities, doubting my abilities, feeling guilty and always worrying if I was doing a good enough job. 

After making the brave move of hiring a life coach, everything changed for me.


Does this Sound Familiar?

You've been trying to go it alone and make changes but it's not working. Despite having many blessings, you're exhausted, stressed, feeling inadequate, not finding ME time, and struggling to balance marriage, motherhood, work, home, and a faith life. Busyness and overwhelm are a constant companion as you try to juggle it all with little to no patience, and never having enough time....I understand.

It's Time For a New Approach

Putting yourself first isn't easy, mama. Understanding the steps to take and actually following through isn't always obvious either (if it were, you wouldn't be reading this right now). But Instead of staying where you are, this is the point when you can take back control, make a new plan, and start taking action with a different approach. I'll be your guide.

This Is All Fixable

You want things to change, you long for some calm and peace, you tell yourself you "should" be able to figure it out but all too often feelings of guilt or defeat have you believing you're "not good enough".  But you are not broken! The joy, balance and peace of mind you dream of for yourself, your family and your faith is totally possible. I've got you.

You Are Worth It

You are 100% worthy to go ALL IN on yourself. This is your LIFE and it will impact your family's life too. What better investment could you ever make?  In fact, the changes you want to make- It's what God wants for you too! You've been full of fear and doubt yet desiring something more. Life coaching has the answers. It bridges the gap and I can help.


"I feel so blessed to have found Danielle! After our very first time meeting I knew right away she was the answer to my prayers. Every session with Danielle was extremely eye opening but also so therapeutic. She provided me with tools and resources to help me grow and put all my issues and challenges into perspective. I love how Danielle always provided me a safe space for me to think out loud and work through my thoughts without ever feeling judged. She is genuinely kind and is exceptional at what she does!"

Claudia M.

"Working with Danielle has given me the right help to get my new small business off to a great start. She has shown me the way to achieve my dreams by helping me focus and put my priorities into perspective. She is very thoughtful, caring and great to work with! Her enthusiasm has made it easy for me to open up to her about some issues that needed attention. I highly recommend Danielle to everyone! "

Dawn C.

"I was feeling disappointed, discouraged, and even wondering if the goals I’d been working so hard at might not have been realistic after all. I was questioning everything. Since working with Danielle, my whole mindset has shifted. Instead of feeling stressed and being hard on myself I feel peaceful, proud of the work I’m doing."

Kristin B.

"Danielle is awesome. I wasn't sure what I needed at first but after working with her, I now feel an ease and lightness in place of the heaviness and overwhelm that I felt before. I’m feeling energized and clear in an area that I was previously feeling frustrated and stuck. "

Elizabeth S.

"Danielle’s coaching style is warm and welcoming, filled with compassion for your challenges. Combine that with her confidence as a coach, and more importantly, her confidence in you as her client, and you have a super coach with super, Spiritual powers. If you want to live a peaceful, joyful life, Danielle is the coach for you. Our first session revealed the truth of what was stopping me from moving forward - fear. Thank you, Danielle! "

Diane B.

"Before coaching with Danielle I was struggling with motivation and organization. I was filled with overwhelm and resentment, too. I wanted help and Danielle's one-on-one personalized coaching completely changed my direction. I became more confident and organized! You will grow in ways you never imagined before."

Shelley W.


You've put yourself aside, but now it's your time!

Starts With A First Step

Curious to explore what having a life coach in your corner can do for you? Join me for a FREE 30-minute call where we'll look at where you are now and where you want to be. You'll get clarity on what roadblocks are currently keeping you from feeling amazing and from building your dream life. You'll see what's truly possible for you.

This is your LIFE

What could be worth more than your life and your family's too? Invest in YOU and get the opportunity for personalized, one-on-one, 'all the attention on you' coaching sessions. Watch how your life transforms in positive ways when you decide to go all in on you, with an expert guide and support along the way. 

Follow the Path to Peace

My process is what guarantees you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. You'll be creating a plan of lasting change and you'll be equipped with the necessary tools, new skills and most importantly a new mindset that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime to come.



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