Life Coaching for Catholic Moms

Overcome overwhelm to feel
peace in all things.
I'll help you learn to let God
lead and light your way in
the midst of your busy life.

It's Time to Surrender Control and Feel Better Now...

...about EVERYTHING! You've been trying to go it alone but it's not working. Despite having many blessings, you're exhausted, stressed, always striving, yet never arriving, to a place of lasting peace and true fulfillment. Or, if you do arrive there, it's fleeting, because there's always just so much more to do. The busyness and overwhelm come right back again as you try to juggle it all. Joy and peace you dream of, for yourself and family, is totally possible. In fact, it's what God wants for you! I've been where you are and I'm on the other side. Are you ready to join me here?

When It All Gets To Be Too Much

Our schedules are stuffed and so are our homes.

Our dreams are on hold until we can get everything done.

There's never enough time to do it all well.

Stress, exhaustion, and playing catch up seem to be the daily norm.


It's Time For A New Approach

Try a new and different way to have peace in the midst of it all.

Strengthen your relationship with Christ. Love your marriage. Show up as the mom you want to be. Enjoy your kids. Start a new career.  Reach your ideal weight. Stop worrying about money. Relax and enjoy your life again. There's a way!

Have Faith To Follow Your Heart

You are 100% worthy to make the changes you want in your life and to live the way God created you to live. 

Have Faith to fulfill the desires of your heart.  Invest in yourself and get personal step by step guidance, support through life coaching to apply to your unique life. 

What's Your Catholic Mom Personality?

Your mom personality type is a big contributor to your level of peace, motivation and happiness. Ready to find out yours?

Hi there. I'm Danielle,  and I can help!

I coach moms who are ready to let go of having to do it all to start living the peaceful life they were created to live.  

I'm a faith-filled women, wife and mother of three who has come a long way from striving for perfection to arriving at a peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Having a life coach changed everything for me. It can change your life too!

I'm passionate about helping overwhelmed moms make the changes in their lives to let go of having too much to do and learn to let God lead the way. 

You can have the joy, peace and fulfillment that comes with surrendering control and following your faith. 

Together, we'll draw on our faith life and life changing coaching tools to create a life you love.  Start today to eliminate those feelings of overwhelm and stress, FOR GOOD.

Let's do this! Click the button below to get started.

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Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.  ~Romans 12:2

How to Work With Me

When you are called to make a change, I'm here for you.

Free Discovery Call

Join me for a FREE 30-minute coaching session to look at your thoughts about what you want to change.  We'll work on any issue you are currently struggling with and you can see first-hand how a life coach can make a difference in your life. 

Life Coaching Package

Enroll in my 12-session package of personalized, one-on-one, in-depth coaching where you'll find the cause of your problems and the solution to feel better and finally take action to getting the life you want.

Path to Peace

As your life changes and you move forward building your dream life, challenges will arise. Additional  single coaching sessions are available for those who have completed my initial coaching package for continued guidance and support.

"Working with Danielle has given me the right help to get my new small business off to a great start. She has shown me the way to achieve my dreams by helping me focus and put my priorities into perspective. She is very thoughtful, caring and great to work with! Her enthusiasm has made it easy for me to open up to her about some issues that needed attention. I highly recommend Danielle to everyone! "

Dawn C.
Catholic Mom and new business owner

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