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Time Management: Create More Within The Time You Already Have

Time is our most valuable asset. But the way our minds look at time often hinders us instead of helping us lead a life full of what matters most to each of us.

We think there is never enough time, that we have so much to do, that there is never enough time to get it all done. 

But is this really true?

How is it that one person can get so much done in one day and another struggles to get through the bare minimum?

Time doesn’t change, but the way you think about it will change your experience of time.

Do you want a better relationship with yourself and how you use your time? What if you could always feel as if you always had enough time for everything? That there was plenty of it? And that you got to enjoy all the things you chose to do with your time?

Read on to learn how to manage your mind within time. You’ll learn to clarify your schedule and bring true peace to your life.

The way we THINK about time

Time is just a mental construct we humans have put on ourselves....

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Are You A Perfectionist? Here’s How To Find Peace Instead

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am a recovering perfectionist.

I can argue a good case for why my perfectionism is not a bad thing and how seeking perfection has brought me many of the accomplishments I’m so proud of.

However, now with over four decades of life experience, I am able to see more clearly how the pursuit of perfection is what kept me for so long from living the peaceful life I truly desired.

Keep reading to learn what perfectionism is, how to determine if perfectionism is serving you or not, and three tools to help you overcome perfectionism to find what you really want: not a perfect life, but a peaceful one.

Are you a perfectionist?

The definition of a perfectionist is a refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. It goes beyond just being a high achiever and can cause you to feel anxious and stressed as you go through your life trying to avoid mistakes and do things just right.

Here’s a few signs you might be a perfectionist:

  • You expect the best...
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6 Steps To Organize Your Mind And Find Daily Peace

God is the creator of our powerful minds. He gave us the free will to use those minds to co-create our lives with Him. 

Do you know that you have the power to create peace with your mind? Yes, you can actually train your thinking habits to have peace!

One of the best skills I have learned to create this peace for myself is how to organize my mind. There is a daily practice I use to download my thoughts, examine any that are causing negative feelings, and decide intentionally which thoughts to keep and which to release to feel peaceful. This practice allows me to live the best version of my day with a clear, peaceful mind.

Just like physical clutter that needs to be sorted, purged, and reorganized, a cluttered mind needs regular attention and care. 

The process I’ll teach you here truly offers me peace each and every day. Try it out for yourself!

1. Become aware of your thinking with a thought download

What you choose to think about and believe is the key to...

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What Is A Life Coach? And How Do I Know If I Need One?

Perhaps you’ve heard of life coaching and wondered what it entailed. Maybe you’re familiar with some life coaching concepts but haven’t taken the leap to hire a coach of your own. Or maybe you have zero idea of what a life coach actually does and why anyone might need one!

In this article, I’ll share with you what exactly a life coach is, how having your own life coach can help you, how life coaching is different than therapy, and of course, how coaching changed my life.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is all about learning to manage your mind. When you understand the skills involved in managing your mind, you’ll have the key to creating the exact results you desire in your life

A life coach is a compassionate and curious observer of your mind. She will help you unpack your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, and examine how those thoughts are causing your feelings, any suffering you’re experiencing, and every single result in...

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How to Have a Faith-Filled Morning Routine

You probably know the benefits of a daily devotional and a morning routine. Maybe you wish you had time in your schedule, but in the midst of being a busy mom it just doesn’t seem realistic to take this time in the mornings to connect with God.

Between making breakfast, getting kids out the door for school, and being on top of your game for work or volunteer responsibilities, when would you possibly carve out time for scripture, prayer, and deep connection with God?


Why you need a faith-filled morning routine even (and especially) if you’re busy

Let me start with the good news: It is absolutely possible for you to continue your crazy-busy life while effortlessly keeping God as your highest priority.

Can you imagine having plenty of time to connect to the Source of All Things Wonderful everyday because of the way you've organized your life?

Prioritizing God makes life work. And when you prioritize time with God in the morning, you'll find that a sense of peace and...

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Life Coach vs. Spiritual Director: Which One Do I Need?

We all need a little extra help and support at times, especially if you’re a busy, often overwhelmed mom like many of my clients.

I recently read the following from Father Jacques Phillippe:

“When one does not know what is best, one must reflect, consider and take counsel….

The Lord doesn’t want us to be self sufficient and permits that sometimes we find ourselves in the impossibility of peace by ourselves so to accept help through the intermediary of another person to whom we can open up. 

Regarding interior peace, which is precious, we know that at certain moments in our lives we cannot find it by ourselves without the help of someone to whom we can open up our souls.”

Perhaps you have wondered about finding someone to whom you can open up your soul. Should you go to therapy? Hire a life coach? Chat with a spiritual director? 

Today I want to help you better understand the difference between a life coach and a spiritual director so you can...

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Oh My Goodness, This is the Way!

We have taken a look, these past several weeks, at each of the Fruits of the Spirit and how they relate in our motherhood.

We wrap up the series today talking about - GOODNESS.

If you missed the previous posts on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control, you can find them on my blog page by clicking here.

Goodness, my faith-filled friends, is what you innately are at all times.

You are full of goodness simply because you exist and because you were created in the image of God, who is pure goodness.

But, especially in the struggles and trials of our daily lives, 

it sure doesn't always feel like we are full of goodness, right?

Especially when we snap at the kids or

Feel ill-will against our mother-in-law.

But cultivating goodness in our lives is less about taking great great strides in holiness and virtuosity that seem available only to the Saints,

And instead it’s more about the small acts of goodness you do throughout your day.


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How to Have More Self Control to Benefit Your Motherhood

Has your motherhood tested your self-control more than you ever thought possible?
Mine has.
You may often pile on the guilt when you think you should be able to have more self-control when you don't.
And this feels awful, right?
"I should have stopped eating the ice cream after one bowl."
"Why can't I stop myself from yelling at the kids?"
"I can't stop spending money, or scrolling on Facebook when I should be doing X, Y, and Z,"
and on and on and on.... 
This way of thinking, ironically, provides the opposite of how you want to feel.
It keeps you feeling even more out of control.
We all want more self-control in our daily lives in one way or another.
Instead of looking to an outside fix, like not buying more ice cream or cancelling credit cards,  
The answer lies within.
To have self-control in your motherhood, and life, the secret lies inside yourself.
This is what I help my clients with everyday.
To look to what you know of Christ's teachings and example,
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Do You Want To Be A More Gentle Mom?

What would happen if you stopped being so hard on yourself and decided to move into gentleness?

No, really. I mean it. This is a Fruit of the Spirit to seek in your motherhood.

Your parenting, your eating habits, your prayer life, your Mass attendance, the condition of your house, all of it...

Beating yourself up mentally for not doing it right or well enough seems like the noble thing to do but I find for myself and my clients that we just use it as a way to feel bad.

Gentleness. That's where you will create an amazing life.

Gentleness allows you to be gracious with yourself when you fall short. (Newsflash: you're always going to have times when you fall short)

It doesn't feel so impossible or overwhelming to the brain when you quickly move on from mentally mistreating yourself into gentleness after faltering in your motherhood. 

It allows you to have grace with yourself.

Most importantly, it's the opposite of the see-saw ride of "I'm a great mom" or "I'm a terrible...

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3 Ways to Increase Faithfulness

I became more faithful by not going to church!.......Well, at least not entering a church building.

It's true.  I've grown in faithfulness and it was possible even when we have to stay-at-home during a pandemic. 

The best news? It’s actually been fun and fresh to break up a routine of my usual faith focused activities and learn other ways to connect with Christ to grow in FAITHFULNESS- which happens to be our next fruit of the spirit to explore.

Surprisingly, the time away from church (physically not going there) has given me a chance to find new ways to grow and receive grace. 

It's actually felt easy, not complicated, to pursue my faith and I want to share 3 ways of what worked for our family to grow in faithfulness in recent months:

1.  We've attended Mass, virtually, all over the world from Lourdes, France to my recent favorite in Wichita, KS. Snuggled together on the couch and always excited to see what this "new church" will be like, we've had a...

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