I'm Danielle.

I'm a life coach.

I can help you. 

I'm a Catholic woman, wife, mom of three, certified life coach, and podcast host. I'm dedicated to maximizing my potential in this life, and I can help you maximize your life too.


Well hey there! I'm so glad you're here.

I believe it's not just a coincidence our paths have crossed, but instead you are here for a reason. As a Catholic mom myself, I get you- I know all that is weighing on your heart and keeping you defeated. There is another way and now I help other Catholic moms join me on the path to peace and happiness in the midst of the struggles and busyness of life. 

I’m a mom who has been where you are –

  • spread too thin
  • juggling too much
  • exhausted and overwhelmed
  • stuck and fearing change
  • feeling disconnected
  • feeling guilty
  • in a state of worry
  • fighting perfectionism

I wondered why my life felt out of control even though I knew I should be content because of all the blessings around me.. How could I dare feel there was something more when I had...

  •  a healthy family
  • a committed loving husband
  • a home of my dreams
  • friends and church family
  • and memorable moments  

Something still seemed off, chaotic and out-of-balance. There was an exhaustion and a disconnect to my life. I was stuck, doubting, anxious and in a state of lack- lacking time, lacking money, lacking peace. I had tried to make changes before, but I always seemed to find myself back where I started. Then I would tell myself- "I should be able to figure this out."  I was was too busy trying to check off all the boxes on what a "good" mom needed to do, so I was letting my life run me instead of me running my life.


I was working outside the home in a job that didn't align with what I truly wanted to do, I was in the middle of renovating a house, moving my parents, taking care of the kids and driving them to all their different extracurricular activities and not taking care of me.  I thought I could manage everything but all I really accomplished was managing myself into a sick bed, and I was no help to anyone there – least of all myself. 

I contracted the flu and was forced to be still for two weeks. During that time, something I can only describe as “divine” happened.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me and this is what I heard, “I am leading you on a different path. Relinquish control and let me guide you.”

Relinquishing control isn’t easy for a perfectionist and busy-holic, but I knew in my soul I was divinely guided.  I listened to that voice and I started making changes in my life that would allow me to be at home, prioritize everything that was going on and also focus on my family and myself. Suddenly, everything started to fall into place. 


I found a path out from underneath all of it.  I learned a completely different approach to it all. A process and a blueprint to live life from a place of total control. Life coaching offered a whole new way of doing things, a simpler way, a sustaining empowering way.

I learned what roadblocks I needed to remove and from there I reprioritized everything and received clarity. I let go of my job.  I started eating healthier, found time to exercise and I lost weight. I carved out time every day to reflect and pray. I became much calmer and so did everyone in my family. Life became manageable, I felt way better on the inside and I saw change happening on the outside. The house got renovated and I decluttered it from top to bottom.  My excitement for the path that began to show itself to me grew each day. After many months working with my life coach, my life changed because I changed on the inside. I changed my mindset and learned how to take charge of my emotional health. I was showing up for my life. 

It was then my path forward became clear and eventually I would feel drawn to help others find their path and change their life for the better, too.

I became certified as a life coach with The Life Coach School then studied further achieving an Advanced Certification in faith-based coaching. Soon after I began focusing my practice to help other moms find the joy, balance and peace I was now an expert in creating. We are all born with a gift we were meant to share and coaching is the vehicle I was given to share my gift. I can show you how to find your path, too. 


I get you because I was you. 

You want the best for your children and to be an example for them.  You can enjoy this important vocation by overcoming the stress and overwhelm you are now experiencing.

We are not meant to go about making our dream life a reality by ourselves. We need a guide, support and an accountability partner. We all need someone in our corner who understands and has the tools of transformation. We all need a coach.

I believe the power we have been given to use our mind to create any result we want for our life comes from Christ.  Our loving God, placed those desires in your heart for a purpose.

If you’re ready to fully step into a future different from where you are now, it's time to invest in yourself. What could be more worth it than your life?!

Like me, perhaps it's time to finally listen to the still, small voice inside you that is calling you for change, nudging you. Learn to trust your spirit. I’m here to help.