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5 Success Secrets Of Happy, Balanced Moms

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As a mom, we want to be happy, we want to be joyful, and we also want to make strides forward in growing our spiritual life. 

These five success secrets will help you navigate this life, and deal with the problems you encounter, while also finding joy and living an abundant life.

So, let’s dive into the five secrets of happy, balanced moms.


Secret #1: Happy, balanced moms prioritize themselves.

When safety measures are explained on an airplane flight, the flight attendants instruct you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before putting one on your child. This analogy shows the importance of prioritizing yourself in order to be of help to others.

When you take care of yourself first, you are plugging up the holes that would otherwise leak out your most precious energy and focus.

When you put yourself first and prioritize yourself, that good can’t help but spill over to all the others you come in contact with - your spouse, children, family, friends, and co-workers.

I know you want to take great care of your family, but you will only be the most effective mother, daughter, sister, friend, and faith-filled woman when you have prioritized yourself. 

Let’s stop making prioritizing ourselves a selfish thing. Instead, let’s see it for what it truly is – when you're energized and fulfilled and have given yourself care and love, you will have so much more to give to others.


Secret #2: Happy, balanced moms say no

We often worry about saying no because we think it is rude. But saying no is actually a nice thing. When you genuinely want to say no to something but don’t, you are ultimately not being kind to yourself or the person you are saying yes to.

 By saying no, you are setting an example of what it is to live out your truth. More often than not, a lot is already being asked of you. You naturally want to be helpful, but what results is a negative outcome for you.

When we people-please, we are essentially telling a lie. When we say yes, when we really mean no, neither side wins. You spend your time and energy on something you don’t want to do, and the recipient doesn’t get the best of you.

Happy, balanced moms know that saying no when you mean it leads to a more authentic and successful life.


Secret #3: Happy, balanced moms know that done is better than perfect.

If you consider the grading scale we grew up with in school, where getting an A equals excellence and an F equals failure, then accumulating more wins and success in your life requires learning to be OK with handing in work that would receive a B- grade.

Getting a B- grade means you actually did your work. You did a good enough job.

Did you feed and bathe the kids but didn’t have time to read every book they asked you to? B- work.

Did you want to make a homemade, nutritious, sit-down meal for your family but managed a frozen pizza and side salad instead of a baked-from-scratch lasagna? That’s B- work.

Is your house not spotless but clean enough? Do you want to go out on a weekly date night with your spouse but can only manage once a month? B- work.

You get the point. That’s what we’re after!

You want to aim high in life but not so high that it stops you from doing work that is good enough or from doing anything at all.

Before you know it, you’ll have accomplished far more than if you were still back at the beginning trying to make it perfect.

Remember, done is better than perfect.


Secret #4: Happy, balanced moms make time for what matters.

Many things feel important to do and take care of. However, there truly are only a few things that matter.

What really matters to you?

Time is just a mental construct that we have put on ourselves. The thoughts in our minds convince us that we don’t have enough time. It’s not a fact or reality. 

What’s so important is how we manage ourselves and our minds around the construct of time. 

You get to choose, direct, guide, and assign meaning to your thoughts about your time, schedule, what’s happening in your day, whether it’s enough, and how you feel about each thing you’re doing.

Happy, balanced moms know we have far more control over utilizing your time than we’ve ever let ourselves believe. 

Satan loves to keep us thinking that we’re too busy. Why? Because preoccupation with events, tasks, solving problems, and getting things done is a surefire way to distract us from trusting in God. Distraction with busyness allows our thoughts to be directed toward earthly things rather than heavenly ones.

But, there is power within you to manage your time instead of time managing you.

Happy, balanced moms know there is an alternative to believing everything is essential. They learn to focus most of their time on just the few things that truly matter.


Secret #5: Happy, balanced moms talk to themselves as God would.

You are a child of God and precious in his sight. Yet, we are constantly talking to ourselves in a way opposite of what our Lord would say to us. 

We are full of judgment and self-criticism and very good at piling lots of “shoulds” onto ourselves. It can be equated to an internal radio dial that is always tuned to the station of negativity and criticism.

Instead, we need to strive to access the truth about ourselves, which is that we are created in His image. We doubt our capabilities. We question our worth. We focus on our inadequacies instead of imagining how he would speak to us.

We often say things to ourselves that we would never say to a best friend or a loved one. So why do we think it's OK to say it to ourselves?

God sees you in your magnificence, with eyes of mercy as his precious child perfectly created in his image. He knows your humanness and loves you beyond understanding.

Happy, balanced moms remember this and speak to themselves as God would.


I’m here to help!

There you have the five secrets of happy, balanced moms. 

If you are out of balance in any of these areas, I’m here to help! 

When you’re ready to get started on your journey to more peace, learn what a Free Peace Strategy call can do for you.




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