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Maximizing Your Motherhood

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As a mom, we all want to show up as our best selves for our kids, but what if I told you there was a way you could show up 10X more effectively than you are now with just a few mindset shifts?

You probably had this idea of how you would be as a mom when you set out on the journey. However, you may not have realized all the challenges and issues you would encounter along the way. Here are some areas you can think about and focus on to make small changes towards maximizing your role as a mother.


Understand Your Worthiness

To maximize your role as a mother, you must first and foremost elevate the relationship you have with yourself. If you don't, it will make everything more difficult.

We often talk about "good" and "bad" moms, but instead of trying to label yourself, I want you to recognize your infinite worthiness.

No one and nothing can add to or take away from your worthiness. You are worthy simply because you exist. So, because of that, let's just decide that you're a good mom and decide to stop questioning it anymore.

Imagine if the question, "Am I a good mom?" just didn't come up anymore. What other things would you be able to devote your time and energy to? What other problems could you put your mind to work to solve?



The next thing you need to maximize your role as a mom is to prioritize self-care for yourself. This matters so much! We need to internalize that self-care isn't selfish.

By definition, something selfish actually puts others in harm's way. So next time you're taking the time to care for yourself, and your brain comes in and tells you that it's selfish, I want you to ask yourself, "Am I putting someone in harm's way because of what I'm doing?" This is a simple way to quiet your brain and allow yourself to take action to prioritize self-care.

Self-care is actually the opposite of selfishness! You are filling yourself up as a mom by taking care of yourself. This gives you the energy to show your extra love to your family and others. 

Self-care also gives you self-confidence, allowing you to feel better and go after the things you want for yourself and your family.


Expand Your Emotional Wellness

As a mom, it's so important for you to learn about your feelings and how they are created. But, instead of avoiding and resisting negative emotions, we must remember that life is meant to be 50/50, which means it's okay to have negative feelings.

When I learned the skill of feeling all my feelings, a world of control and steadiness opened up. I was no longer at the effect of my feelings. Expanding this capacity is a great way to maximize your role as a mom.

We all have exhaustion and to-do lists and the feeling of getting up and doing it all over again, but if we don't want to wait to have more joy and balance in our lives. We only get this one life, so we need to start working toward those feelings today.

What would you say are your top three emotions? Is it overwhelm, guilt, worry, confusion, doubt, or frustration? Do you want these to be your top feelings? If not, we must expand our emotional wellness. The joyful and peaceful feelings you seek will help you maximize your role as a mom.


Become Aware of Buffering

Buffering is avoiding uncomfortable feelings by getting a quick dopamine hit with something else. It could be food, alcohol, or social media – anything that you're using as an escape.

This is important to be aware of because when we are buffering, we're probably not showing up in the maximum capacity we want.

It is possible to stop and do those things in the right amount that helps you. But you want to make sure you're not doing it just to avoid feeling a negative emotion. We want to expand our ability to handle any uncomfortable feelings and still go forward with our dreams.


Be Deliberate About Enjoying Motherhood

I cannot express enough that we have to be purposeful and deliberate about enjoying this journey of motherhood.

My time with my children home with me is almost at an end. I know at the beginning, it feels like they will be with you forever. There are things that you can't find joy in right now, like being up with a new baby all night, navigating a disability, or dealing with a difficult teen.

However, it's so important to know that whatever stage you're in on your motherhood journey, do not delay joy. Enjoy the journey now. Find what is great about now. Remember that whatever it is – good or bad – it's fleeting and will pass. You will find this to be a game changer.

When you do your best to enjoy the journey, you will maximize your role as a mother.

I Can Help

If you can make some progress in these areas, you will show up as the mom you've always wanted to be and maximize your influence. You'll be able to show up for others and yourself and create the life you imagine.

And, if you want help in any of these areas, I'm here for you! As a certified life coach and mom of three, I've been where you are now, and I have the tools to help you maximize your motherhood and your life.

When you're ready to get started book a FREE peace strategy call. During this call, I'll give you a taste of what working with a life coach is like, and together we will work through your most pressing issue, and you'll leave with a clear plan for more peace. Spots are limited, so sign up today!



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