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What Is A Life Coach? And How Do I Know If I Need One?


Perhaps you’ve heard of life coaching and wondered what it entailed. Maybe you’re familiar with some life coaching concepts but haven’t taken the leap to hire a coach of your own. Or maybe you have zero idea of what a life coach actually does and why anyone might need one!

In this article, I’ll share with you what exactly a life coach is, how having your own life coach can help you, how life coaching is different than therapy, and of course, how coaching changed my life.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is all about learning to manage your mind. When you understand the skills involved in managing your mind, you’ll have the key to creating the exact results you desire in your life

A life coach is a compassionate and curious observer of your mind. She will help you unpack your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, and examine how those thoughts are causing your feelings, any suffering you’re experiencing, and every single result in your life.

A life coach will help you stay future-focused and take massive action towards your goals. She teaches you how to be more aware of what you think, feel, do, and create. She’ll show you how to become conscious and aware of the control you have over your own life.

Why should I hire a coach? 

Unlike going to talk with your family and friends who will likely offer you advice and give their opinions about a problem, a life coach provides you a place to “download” your thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental, loving space. Life coaches are objective listeners who provide a fresh perspective.

She’ll be your partner to help you find solutions to the problems causing you stress. She has the tools to help you get unstuck and guide you toward taking action in spite of your fears.

In short, a life coach will help you feel better

You’ll be able to overcome the overwhelm and gain control of your life by learning to feel your emotions instead of avoiding and resisting them. You’ll even learn how to create your desired feelings on purpose.

How is coaching different from therapy?

People understandably wonder how coaching is different from therapy. Therapy is the closest model we have to coaching, but the two are very different.

Coaching is NOT about processing your emotional history or diagnosing and treating mental health issues.

Coaching IS action-oriented with a focus on your current life and plans for the future.

In therapy, clients may talk about the changes they'd like to make in their lives, but the "how to" and the resources are often missing. 

Life coaches help clients design a new life. They guide clients to anticipate the obstacles that arise on the way to this new life, help them navigate those obstacles, and show them how to turn obstacles into strategies to drive amazing results.

What happened when I got a life coach

Like many other busy Catholic mommas, a few years ago I found myself in a time of guilt and stress. I found myself in a mental tennis match regarding my stay at home mom responsibilities. 

As a mom of twins and then a third child arriving a couple years later, I didn’t want to work outside the home. I loved the opportunity to be home with them in these young years. But I struggled with some of the jobs I assumed were part of being a stay at home mom. 

This tug of war in my mind that caused me much angst and guilt had to do with my dislike of everything having to do with providing meals for my family. I disliked planning, grocery shopping and most of all, preparing and having each of the meals ready every day. I hated it. 

There was such guilt over thinking it should be my responsibility “since I was home,” even though I didn’t want to do it at all. I could see the resentment and mental anguish it was causing me.

One day I met with a friend, Connie, to catch up on life. She told me that she had recently become a Certified Life Coach. My heart leapt as she described her new career and I felt so aligned with everything she shared. I immediately asked if she would coach me.

During our session, I was a little embarrassed to tell her about this struggle I’d been facing around hating cooking, but thankfully I trusted she wouldn’t judge me and I opened up.

Connie really helped me to see my thinking around it all and asked such poignant questions that opened my eyes to other possibilities I hadn’t even considered.

Because of our coaching session, I had a conversation with my husband that resulted in me learning that he didn’t mind taking over the shopping and meal prep responsibilities. He even revealed that he actually likes to cook because it relaxes him after work!

Many years later, he is still the “cook” of our family and I am still having positive effects on my daily life. All from one session!

I found my way back to life coaching

That experience stuck with me as the years passed. I finally found myself in a place to make a career change and felt that I would make a great life coach. I met up with Connie again, who pointed me in the direction of The Life Coach School Podcast.

As I began listening and applying more life coaching tools and concepts to my own life, I became hooked.

Using these tools I was learning from life coaching, I set and reached a weight loss goal. I started having deeper connections with those I love. I can handle my emotions and the challenges of motherhood with a sense of peace like I never did before. I began taking my power back by not blaming outside circumstances for my problems.

The list goes on and on of all the subtle but impactful changes that emerged from life coaching.

I knew I had to join The Life Coach School’s certification program so I could learn to coach others on these same tools and concepts that had improved my life so drastically.

My Catholic faith is also a central part of who I am, so when deciding on what type of coaching business to have, it made perfect sense to focus on a group of women I knew all about and wanted to help with their life challenges and struggles: Catholic moms just like me.

Are you ready for a life coach?

Now that you know all about life coaching, are you ready to experience the life-changing effects of having a coach of your own?

Here are a few ways you could use a life coaching session:

  • We could map out a plan for you to achieve a big goal
  • We could work through trouble you’re having in a relationship
  • We could walk you through a career change
  • We could help you decide what to do in a new phase of life
  • We could work on parenting issues
  • We could work through money issues
  • We could make a weight loss plan
  • We could talk about your feelings of overwhelm and discouragement

ANY area of life that is causing you to suffer with negative emotions can be improved through life coaching. You’ve got it in you -- and I have the tools to help you.

Sign up for a free 30 minute consult with me here. I can’t wait to help you create the life of your dreams.

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