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At the Center of the Cyclone of Life…We Can Find Calmness, Inner Peace, and Clarity

Inside My Latest Book, You’ll Discover A Faith-Based Method to Achieve Balance, Inner Peace, and Control…

Inside my book, The Cyclone Mom Method, I’d like to share with you a powerful system for achieving balance and inner peace, even amid the most chaotic times of life.

I’ll share with you stories from my own life and the lessons I’ve learned helping countless mothers just like you make sense of the chaos and find the calm center that God left at the heart of the cyclone that life can become. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new mom who is struggling to find your footing or if you’re a parent of teenagers who is looking to take your life and the life of your family to the next level… I know the lessons, guidance, and exercises inside The Cyclone Mom Method can help. 

With The Cyclone Mom Method Book, You’ll Learn…

  • Why so many of us struggle in motherhood and some simple actions you can take today to relieve the pressure.

  • Secrets of the human brain and how it keeps us stuck. With this new awareness, you can harness the power of neuroscience for your own benefit.

  • The steps to find peace… so you can stay calm and confident, no matter what storms life throws at you. 

  • Professional-level coaching tools to strengthen your mindset. As Proverbs 23:7 says, "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

  • Life-changing perspective shifts on critical topics like faith, time, and emotions. Empower yourself to be stronger, every single day.

  • Stories of encouragement from other women’s lives. You’re not alone in your search for peace. Be encouraged by the stories of women who have gone before you. 

  • Important questions to ask yourself on the path to peace. Revisit these questions over time to see your growth… and plan for more.

  • And so much more!


Here’s What Mothers Just Like You Are Saying About the Method Inside of this Book

Carrie M.

As a mom trying to juggle three teen's schedules, our household, and work, The Cyclone Mom Method has helped me see how I can rethink my schedule and life and handle it all beautifully. Thank you Danielle!


Becky L.

Every mom needs to know this secret- a calm mind is your superpower! Danielle teaches how to use the God-given gift of your brain to remain in control amidst any storm. Putting her method to work in my own chaotic mom life has been a game changer.

Eryn G.

Using the approach Danielle shares in this book has helped me to let go of limiting beliefs that have held me back for years. I have gained the tools and confidence to make decisions based on what I truly value. This method is helping me become the wife and mother I want to be! I would definitely recommend the book to any woman who wants practical tools for experiencing more peace and joy in everyday life.


Candice W. 

This book is soo Incredibly Good and speaks directly to mamas of this time! Danielle shares sprinkles of Coaching action steps that we can start taking immediately to help us get ourselves centered back on the right path and/or a path and not feel alone doing so! Most importantly, the Holy Spirit is present in her writings/coaching and is contagious to help one lean in and apply this same approach in our own lives. What a gift! Thank you Danielle for being an inspiration!

You'll get access to the wisdom and tools to finally find fulfillment as a Catholic Mom

  • 5-Step Framework for Calming the Chaos- 

The path to fulfillment in your calling as a mother begins with you. This framework will show you the steps to change your life, from the inside out.

  • Guidelines to Identify and Overcome Common Obstacles- 

Every family is different, but every Catholic mama faces a lot of the same pressures and challenges. I’ll show you how to avoid the common traps we all face.

  • Transformative Self-Coaching Tools- 

This is where the real transformation begins to take place!

  • Guided Assessments- 

My custom assessments will help you understand where you are and where you hope to grow as a wife and mom.

  • Exercises for Daily (or daily-ish) Practice- 

These exercises will help you put everything you’re learning into practice, as often as you need.

  • Scriptural Support for Every Element- 

My faith is the most important thing in the world to me, and it drives everything I do. This book is no exception!


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Bonus #1

Regain Control With Your Goal Clarity Workbook  A practical, easy-to-use workbook for setting clear, achievable goals across all areas of life.

When you work toward goals that are aligned with your values and purpose, you’re better able to fulfill your God-given calling and make a positive impact on your family and community. This printable workbook can be used again and again as your family grows and your peace truly takes hold in your heart and your life.

Bonus #2 

The Cyclone Mom Method Audiobook
Learn on the go, wherever you go!

The audiobook version of The Cyclone Mom Method is included with your order at no additional cost! Listen while you’re in the car, making dinner, at the park… or anywhere else your life takes you.

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The Cyclone Mom Method will show you how to find peace and fulfillment in your role as mom.

I truly hope this book blesses you.

But if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason (or no reason at all)…

...just let me know with a quick email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a full refund for your book purchase ASAP.

See What Other Moms Are Saying About The Cyclone Mom Method & Working With Danielle Thienel

Theresa T.

“...yes, when Mom is happy, everyone else is happy…”

Natalie S.

“...I've overcome pressures that used to weigh me down…”

Whitney H.

“...I'm a new person and I've never felt so good…”

Julie S.

“...I use the tools Danielle taught me everyday and now 'I've got this'…”

Maggie E.

“ dreams are no longer on hold and I'm full of confidence…”

Megan M.

“...given me satisfaction with my life instead of feeling stuck…”

Are you ready to step into the calm confidence of peaceful motherhood, despite the storms of life?

Here’s what you’ll receive with your purchase of this digital book:

  • 5-Step Framework for Calming the Chaos (to change your life from the inside out)

  • Guidelines to Identify and Overcome Common Obstacles

  • Transformative Self-Coaching Tools

  • Guided Assessments (you can use again and again as you grow and change)

  • Exercises for Daily Practice

  • Scriptural Wisdom to Support Your Journey

  • BONUS #1: Regain Control With Your Goal Clarity Workbook

  • BONUS #2: The Cyclone Mom Method Audiobook