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91. Silently Suffering

Episode Summary

If you are someone who is suffering in silence, keeping yourself closed off from the help you need, please listen to this message and take some step towards healing today. 

  • You are never alone in whatever challenge you face. There are countless others that will understand if you step out of silence.
  • It will take courage yes, but you are courageous. It's OK that fear is there, just let courage be in the driver's seat and fear be a passenger.  
  • What you resist will persist. Avoidance, reacting (with silence), and resisting what you are suffering with will only reenforce to your brain and intensify the issues. 
  • We were made to be in community and fellowship and relate to other humans in the world. Don't let isolation take you deeper into your suffering. 

Right now, if you have an idea of a safe place to go, let it come to light and seek help. If not, be sure to ask a trusted friend, google a hotline number. seek counseling or inquire with a coach.  Momlife can be hard and you don't need to go it alone. 

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