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154.The Roadmap to Unbusy Your Busy Mom Life

Episode Summary

The busier you become the harder it is to create the space your need to be your best. Unbusying yourself may seem like a luxury, however, it is a necessary step to prevent depletion and defeat in your important mom life. Because you can't help your kids if you aren't helping yourself to have the space in your schedule and the rest you need as a human. This week on The Peaceful Mind Podcast for Busy Moms we'll talk through the 3 steps that are the roadmap to a more balanced life.

Join me to find out:

  • how to anticipate what's causing the busyness
  • why you want to delegate the things that take up your time and energy
  • what to automate in your life to have more room in your schedule

You too can go from Busy to Balanced!  

Episode Notes