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161. Finding Jesus In Your Hot Chocolate

Episode Summary

 After years of not being able to Be Still and Know that He is God, I was finally able to form the habit of daily prayer, reflection, journaling and stillness. I was able to not just always be asking but instead actively listen for what God was saying in return to me. This week's episode tells the story of one such time where not only did I hear God's voice but I also saw a perfectly shaped heart form in the froth of my hot chocolate that was nearby. I am now on a mission to collect stories and testimonials of others who have also had experiences of hearing the voice of God so we can be an example to others out there who wish to know HOW it can be something they experience too. To submit your experience go HERE.

Join me to find out:

When and what the circumstances were where I personally heard HIS voice

What you can do to be a part of helping me spread the way to more people out there

Episode Notes

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