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176. My Personal Story: How I Transformed and Became a Coach

Episode Summary - My Personal Story: How I Transformed And Became A Coach

In Episode 176, I take you on a personal journey, sharing the story of how I became a life coach.

This episode takes you from when the seed of coaching was first planted in my heart, a challenging time in my mom life, when the overwhelming demands led me to a place of illness, of stillness and ultimately, to a deep, spiritual turning point.

I talk about the transformative moment when I was forced to "Be Still and Know God", when I heard the Holy Spirit and acted upon it.

I share with you the monumental transformations that took place when I met a life coach and the freedom and clarity I found in that encounter.

This journey led me to The Life Coach School, where I received my certification and a renewed sense of purpose - to serve and support other moms who find themselves overwhelmed, just like I once was.

My hope is that my story inspires you, Most importantly, I hope it reminds you that you're not alone, and that peace and balance are within reach and that life coaching is the vehicle to get you there.

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