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212. Motherhood Reimagined: Real Moms Share Their Journey With Life Coaching

Motherhood Reimagined: Real Moms Share Their Journey With Life Coaching

Get ready for a treat as I bring you one of my favorite podcast episodes to date. In Motherhood Reimagined, I interviewed five incredible moms from my Busy to Balanced life coaching group - Natalie, Brenna, Megan, Emily, and Ashley. They share their inside perspective, unveiling the transformative journey they've had in life coaching.

Join me as I delve into their experiences and explore the tools and strategies that have empowered them to navigate the challenges of motherhood. We touch upon the powerful self-coaching model, the 50/50 rule, and the importance of feeling your feelings. Discover how these concepts have become invaluable tools for these moms in gaining control, confidence, and peace. 

Each of them emphasize the unexpected benefits of being part of a supportive community and the positive impact that it has had on their families. As you listen, be inspired to reimagine your own motherhood journey and open yourself up to the possibilities that life coaching can bring. 

Don't miss out on this empowering episode where real moms share their stories, insights, and the life-changing impact of coaching. Join us on the inside and let's embrace Motherhood reimagined together! 

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