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215. You Are Not A Robot! Redefining ME TIME For Busy Moms

You Are Not A Robot! Redefining ME TIME For Busy Moms

Today, let's dive into a truth that's close to my heart: Mama, you are not a robot! 

Over the years, this phrase has become my signature. Why? In my work with my clients, I've noticed how often moms forget that they're wonderfully human, not machines tirelessly working without rest. So, let's unpack that concept and explore the importance of embracing our human limits and the sacred nature of "me time."

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Your Complexity: You're not a robot; you're divinely crafted by God with care and intention.
  • Redefine "Me Time": It's not just a spa visit or a quick coffee alone. It's about acknowledging your human need for rest, silence, and moments of guilt-free nothingness.
  • Maintenance for Moms: Like robots need maintenance, moms need time for physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal.
  • Non-Negotiable Appointments: Schedule me time as a sacred appointment with yourself. It's not a compromise; it enhances every aspect of your life.

God even rested on the seventh day, setting a divine example of the importance of rest. Me time is not a luxury; it's a fundamental part of your design. You deserve moments of rest and renewal.

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