1:1 Private Coaching 

      A Personal 
Coaching Experience



One-on-One Private Coaching

 A Private Coaching Experience

One way to work with me is with 1:1 coaching...

I've been given back control over my life. I can now create the life I’ve always dreamed of living because of coaching. I know how to let go of limiting beliefs that we all have the habit of letting circle around in our minds. I can’t thank Danielle enough for showing me how it's possible to bring joy into my life no matter the circumstances. I believe God has truly called her to do great things in the lives of her clients and I’m so honored to be one of them! ~Raquel B.

1:1 Private CoachingĀ 

One-on-one coaching with Danielle:

3 or 6 month packages

12 or 24 private weekly sessionsĀ 

A personalized plan

Access to coaching in-between calls

Supplemental workbook

The Focus is Only on You 

Expert level coaching and mentorship on your specific life details.

Only receive strategies for your life throughout our time together.

Full attention, listening and strategies applied to anything and all things you want help with.


Private Support & Accountability

A safe non judgmental place and be fully listened to and heard.

Have someone who doesn't just give advice but a tough love accountability partner to show what's truly keeping you stuck.

A guide and constant supporter, cheerleader and encourager for both the challenges and for celebrating.


I felt stuck in a rut and I needed to stop getting in my own way. Since life coaching with Danielle, my marriage is stronger, my approach to motherhood is more peaceful, and my dreams are no longer being placed on hold. I am full of confidence, gratitude, and have a heart that is finally trusting bigger in God's plan for my life. I am forever grateful for Danielle and the work she is doing to help women become fully alive. ~MAGGIE E.

Some things to know if we're going to consider working 1:1 together...

Your goals become my goals.

You'll have a goal partner


  • I provide you all you need to progress and achieve your goals in our time together or we stay on it until you do.
  • I want you to have all the success you desire and keep you on track when the going gets tough. 
  • We'll strategize every obstacle and celebrate every win.

I 100% believe in you and you should too

You'll exponentially grow in confidence


  • I won't be giving advice or coddling you but instead providing a tough love that expands you, a space held sacred for you, and a 100% judgement free zone.
  • I see and believe in all that is possible for you and will make sure you stop any mean talk or thinking like- "won't work for me." 
  • You'll build the skill of believing harder and smarter and have the confidence to move forward.

I 100% believe in you and so should you.

You will not be the same person on the other side.

You'll up-level in every area


  • You can't learn what you'll learn here and remain the same.
  • You'll have a new and fresh perspective and will forever look at life differently.
  • You'll have a different mind altogether.

If you do the work you will get results.

You'll get the missing piece 


  • I have the process that gets you to where you want to be. What you'll now know will change everything for the better.
  • This will take deliberate and intentional action on your part but remember, I'll be by your side every step of the way.
  • When you commit and go all in you WILL get results. You'll now know HOW to create them again and again for your whole life.

 If you do the work you will get results. 

To Learn

if this offering is the best fit for you...

 Let's first connect on a call to:

  1. Talk about what's going on in your life right now, where you want to be heading, and I'll offer insights and strategies around how you can start to see the changes you want right away. You'll experience one-on-one life coaching and also get help during this time together. 
  2. To find out the details of what is involved with the 12 session package, the additional features of this personal coaching experience and if working together is something you want and aligns with your goals right now. 

Don't put it off another year, week or day. Now is your time, and I've got you.

 Let's do This!

Take the next step and schedule a call.