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How Saying "No" Benefits Your Organized Life

There are obvious places in our daily lives where many would agree it is easy to say "No". No speeding, no cussing, no sugar in my coffee. 

And as a child growing up in the 80's and 90's, the slogan, "Say No to Drugs" became a life mantra.

In a similar sense, I would like to offer 3 important ways to look at adding the word "No" to your life which will undoubtedly benefit your organizing endeavors. 

By adopting these new mantras, you will slice through a lot of unnecessary clutter that constantly shows up in your life, home and mind. 

Say No to People Pleasing

I received a call from the principal of my daughters' school. "We'd like  you to join the strategic planning committee."  What an honor! How do I refuse?  Thank goodness I know the power of not overcommitting myself just to please someone else or to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

 I knew it wouldn't serve me or my family to commit to this ask at this time, so I was able to forgo the pressure of...

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Failing

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.     ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was a really good student. Can't say I retained most of what i jammed into my head right before a test, but I would certainly make every effort to get an A. 

Once I became an A student and had the reputation of always getting A's, I became a person who then would be utterly embarrassed and hard on myself if I achieved anything but an A.

The idea of receiving a C or D, which as you recall meant Average and Below Average, seemed like it would be mortifying.  I mean, the prospect of getting an F- FAILING would have been the end of the world in my mind. So I ended up playing it safe, taking easier classes and hiding from tapping into my true potential and what I truly wanted to go after. I hid.

Fast forward a few decades (ok, 4) and now I have a whole different perspective- one I am compelled to share with you and the world.  I know now what...

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Less is More: Start the Path to Freedom and Peace

Are you overwhelmed with all the stuff you own?

This time of year gets especially hard for me as I bring in more things in the form of Christmas presents for my kiddos.

With three kids I try to even it out as much as possible to show my equality of love for them!  Sometimes, though I look at it all and admit its a lot of STUFF.  

Do you get me mamas? 

It is a great reminder, however, of my rule of "If things are coming in, things will need to go out."

I make sure of it because of what I know for sure- A life lived with having less items that you don’t need, use or want can bring you so much MORE.

More PEACE more TIME and definitely more FREEDOM

Imagine the freedom and peace you would feel as you look around your home and think, “I love, need, and use everything I own.”

Change your thoughts from “I don’t know where to begin” to “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Tis is my favorite thought that...

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How To Organize Your Morning

I like mornings.  Do you?

I run them instead of letting them run me. 

I get all of my "have-to's" done quickly like brushing my teeth and I make decisions quickly when getting dressed. I  also spend my mornings doing my "want to's", working out and prioritizing my dedicated prayer time. 

Early bird gets the worm, right?

Not everyone feels the same way and that's OK. 

Everyone has their own routine and reasons why they get up at a certain time and start living out the day in a certain way.

I would like to offer you a perspective of organizing every single type of morning routine, no matter what it entails.  

I've learned that organizing your morning, or anyone's morning for that matter, is best done when you get your thinking and feelings in order. 

What you do and how you show up doing it will then dictate if your mornings go well or not- according to your own standards. 

So, let's organize your morning thinking.  

Focus in on...

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How To Not Compare Yourself To Others

FOMO which stands for "Fear Of Missing Out" is a buzz word of late. 

I've personally felt it as I concluded my training as a Life Coach and began my entrepreneurial journey. We, Certified Life Coaches, have access to a channel of communication  (called Slack) where so much is posted about ALL THE THINGS everybody is doing and accomplishing. It also let's us know where others are struggling and this too sets us up for comparison.

It startled me for a while, how I easily compared where I was in my business to where others were and it sent me down a path of FOMO when I checked the channel everyday,  Can you relate at all?

After all, there might be vital information I need and can't miss, right?  

My mind was getting cluttered and my negative feeling radar was alerted as to my comparison thinking causing the unwanted feelings. 

My training as a Life Coach has given me the awareness, thank goodness, when I've fallen prey to this unwanted feeling of FOMO...

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Keep God Close When Organizing Your Future

The end of a decade is soon upon us. 

The month of December is filled with year in reviews and now that it is also a decade change, there will be decade in reviews, as well. 

This can be so fun.

I do like looking back to recall memories of adventures I experienced, having a laugh at what I worried about and, of course, how my looks have changed (my kids like to point this one out).

Many times I also seem to focus on the mistakes I have made, including when I didn't show up as the mom and wife I strive to be or what I set out to do but didn't accomplish for one reason or another.   

I am reminded, however, that to live successfully, we must move away from past failures and mistakes and go forward without letting them be a weight upon us.  

By putting the past behind us we can then organize the future by looking confidently there and keeping God close is the key. 

This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching...

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How To Declutter Your Goals And Focus On Just One

Are you the type of person who has a hundred things on your list to accomplish?

Do you set a bunch of goals and regularly come up with new ones to add to the list?

Well, just like having too much stuff in your house and too many things to do on your schedule, you can also have too many goals which equals GOAL CLUTTER.

Having goals and setting out to accomplish them is such a noble endeavor, right? or is it? Perhaps after reflecting on your list of goals you'll come to realize that you are spreading yourself too thin? Not really accomplishing anything before something new takes your attention.

The key to achieving success is FOCUS or in another word, CONSTRAINT.   Having a laser pointed energy focused in one area at a time can bring your desired result more quickly to where you can then move on to your next goal.  Constraining to one goal at a time is crucial to following through. 

To see this in action, try the following exercise:

1.  Write 25 goals you...

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How To Organize Your Thinking

To stuff a Thanksgiving turkey you first have to remove all the insides so the cavity is all nice and cleaned out.

Then you get to stuff back in all the good stuff: bread crumbs, carrots, celery and spices.

Organizing your thinking works very much the same way.

Your brain is filled with sixty thousand to eighty thousand thoughts per day.

Imagine that many thoughts filling a room. Now that's stuffed!

There are three steps to follow in order to unstuff your head and organize your thinking.

Step 1 Become aware.

The more aware you are of your thinking, the more you can make conscious choices about how you want to think. To become aware, you have to shift from merely thinking, to thinking about your thinking. Stay with me now!  Its like you are eavesdropping on your own mind.

To eavesdrop on your thinking, you simply write down all the sentences that comes to your mind. Just write, observing your thoughts as they come, getting them out of your mind and onto paper. We call this list...

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3 Tips to Get Your Family to Help With Your Organizing Efforts

You've been cleaning out, purging items and working your decluttering magic. Items that don't serve you anymore are crossing the door threshold and donation bags are headed to Goodwill. 

You are on a roll, conquering piles, feeling inspired, doing the work and seeing all the changes unfold.

Good for you! You are rockin' it!

BUT...... wait a minute- there is still a looming obstacle that keeps appearing as you drive towards your organization goals.

The kids and husband are not totally on board and seem to be sabotaging your progress?

Here are three strategies to put into place with your family, no matter where you are in your overall organizational plan.

1. Make sure you let them know what you are up to. Its time to communicate with everyone that there is a project at hand. A change in motion. Let them know your plans, what you are trying to accomplish and why. The why part is super important. Reassure them it will be better for everyone when you can find things easily,...

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9 Reasons To Get Organized

No matter how you slice it, organizing takes time, effort, and focused thinking.

It's a well worth endeavor because being organized, enhances every area of your life.

Taking the time on the front end to really zero in on what is driving you to get organized will be essential to motivate you throughout the process, especially when inspiration starts to dwindle.

Somewhere in the middle of the process, undoubtedly, you'll get tired of making decisions, and other activities will vie for your attention.

Referring to your "compelling reason" or the "why?" reason driving you to get organized, will keep you motivated.

Here is a list of some benefits of getting organized.

Find one or two that really tugs at your heart, brings on the feeling of inspiration, motivation, and commitment, and get started today.

  • Gain a sense of control over your home, schedule, and life
  • Reduce your stress, frustration, and anxiety level
  • set a good example for your kids
  • Spend less money 
  • Clear your mind...
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