How To Organize Your Mind With A Thought Download

You need to start organizing your mind before you start organizing your life, otherwise, the changes you make will only be temporary. 

Why?  Because your external life (the amount of stuff you own, clutter, piles, things in your home) is always the result of your internal life (mind, thinking, beliefs, thought patterns).

Have you ever spent a bunch of time cleaning something up only to have it get messy again a few weeks later? That's because you didn't get to the root cause of the mess in the first place.  

The thoughts in your brain will create the reality in your life. How? 

Because what we think, causes how we feel, which drives what we do or don't do.  Ultimately, what we do or don't do, then creates every result we have in our lives. 

So, if we want to organize our life (the result), we must first organize our mind (the thoughts). 

it is vital that you investigate what's going on in your mind.  The first step to doing this is...

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Start Decluttering By Finding Your WHY

 I truly believe life is better when we choose to simplify our lives.    

I don't even know where to start is the phrase I am most presented with from clients who are feeling heavy and strangled by mountains of stuff they own. I see that they stop even before they start. Instead of lacing up some sneakers and just starting with one area to declutter, they run AWAY from the very place that will get them to an organized home, the starting gate.

"The best way to get something done is to simply begin."

Begin small, begin big, begin by dedicating 15 minutes or begin by setting aside 3 hours, just get to the starting gate.  Next, is the key to getting and keeping the momentum. It's time to discover your WHY behind getting organized.    

A sure way to set yourself up for success from the beginning is to find and hold on to your compelling personal WHY.  Ask yourself, WHY do you want to accomplish the goal in the first place? Why do I want things...

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