The Peaceful Mind Podcast

The Peaceful Mind Podcast

Hosted by: Danielle Thienel

The Peaceful Mind Podcast for Catholic Moms is your personal resource to renew, balance and strengthen your mind, bringing peace to all areas of your life. You'll hear directly from Danielle Thienel, certified life...

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Giving Yourself Grace

Episode #64

When I work with moms day in and day out, I find patterns that emerge that tell me this is really something all moms should know. Today's episode is exactly the result of finding one of those patterns. Since I can't...
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How To Stop Procrastinating

Episode #63

There is so much that you tell yourself that you should be doing but you find yourself not doing any of it. You procrastinate to the last minute or just put things off again and again. All the while you continue to...
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Shifting the Blame

Episode #62

On this episode we are shifting to a place where freedom and peace reside-Acceptance in stead of living in a state of blame. When we find ourselves in a victim mentality of placing blame on others and outside...
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What God Can Do For You Today

Episode #61

During this episode you will get to find out my own personal way of approaching the daily to-do list. Get more done in a way that makes room for God to take care of things that you once believed was your job to...
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The Pathway to Possibilities

Episode #60

When we were kids we spent a fair amount of time dreaming about what was possible for our future. There was so much to explore and try and experience. Many of us had a very clear path of school, graduating, starting a...
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Moms Just Want To Have Fun

Episode #59

When is the last time you truly had fun? If it has been longer than a day or two, then this episode will stand as a great reminder to you to start having more fun. Find out why it's so important, where it really comes...
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An Answer to Work-Life Balance

Episode #58

This week we are talking about Work-Life Balance. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a mom who works outside the home, it doesn't matter, we all just want to feel like we are doing a good job at balancing it all....
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How to Reach Any Goal

Episode #57

We all have goals to achieve and this week's episode tells you every single step you'll need to have in order to reach any of them. You've achieved much already but there is more to come for you as long as you are...
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The ABC's of Interior Peace

Episode #56

This week's episode lays out a simple roadmap, using the first part of the alphabet as a guide, for you to experience more interior peace. From "A" which is for Acceptance all the way to "G" which shows you...
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Curiosity and Courage

Episode #55

This week I talk about two important things I give credit to for now living a life I absolutely love, whereas before I wanted it to look and feel quite different. You too can start seeing changes that you've longed...
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Aligning Yourself With God's Rhythm

Episode #54

How hurried is your life? Often times, especially with moms, we live a fast-paced, constantly on-the-go life where rushing around doing all the things becomes the norm. Today's episode has you looking to the best...
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The Powerful Habit of Peace

Episode #53

Did you know that accessing the feeling of peace, having peace of mind and peace in your heart is available to you at all times? Learning how to tap into that available peace, no matter what circumstances your life...
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